Drummer. Educator. Author of Modern Drumming textbook series.

Diethard Stein played as a busy musician with numerous national and international musicians. His “Modern Drumming” books are established throughout Europe as standard textbooks for drum lessons. Volume 1 of the series was published in German and English and is now one of the best-selling drum textbooks of all time worldwide with over 150,000 copies sold. Diethard Stein has been a STICKS author since the first edition in February 1988 ... more


At the beginning of the 1980s, Señora called both the band and the “jazz record”, which was recorded and mixed by the renowned sound engineer Ansgar Ballhorn in the EMI studios in Cologne. At that time Señora played an extraordinary number of gigs, at many festivals and in many beautiful clubs, such as Hamburg's cult club "Onkel Pö".

After a long break from the band, the label Growing Bin from Hamburg approached the musicians with the idea of ​​releasing the album. And since the original press templates still existed, a reissue album was released that knows how to convince with 100% analog sound, richness of sound and warmth. The first edition was quickly sold out - and a real success in Japan! "A jewel of groove jazz ..." now writes the review. It's kind of strange, because such fusion music was frowned upon as a whole genre for a long time, and it took decades to realize how stupid this rejection was. That only came when u. a. a band called Snarky Puppy "reinvented" this music and suddenly presented the sound that Señora had made as hip again.

Axel Fischbacher (git), Christian Henze (key), Thomas Giesler (bass), Diethard Stein (drums)

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