Diethard Stein played as a busy musician with many national and international top musicians. He has worked with "Sweet" Charles Sherrell (James Brown, Maceo Parker), Tom Mega, Michael Settler (Saga), Jean Orleans, Ira Coleman (Herbie Hancock, Tony Williams), Cem Karaca, Anna Mbwale, among others he played in jazz. with Christoph Spendel, Das Pferd, Frank Kirchner, Kazda, Larry Coryell, Jens Thomas, Martin Gjakanovski, Decebal Badilla, Joo Kraus, Torsten de Winkel, Dave King and the WDR Big Band. He also works as a drum teacher and as a workshop author for sticks, his textbooks under the title Modern Drumming are now established throughout Europe as the standard textbooks for drum lessons. For several years he also organized the festival “Leverkusener Jazztage” as its chairman.
Diethard Stein plays sonor drums, Roland drums, Anatolian cymbals and father sticks.
  • until today: teacher at the Music & Art School Velbert for drums and band coaching, head of the Rock / Pop / Jazz department, workshop author for STICKS Drum Magazin, band projects with Señora, Markus Wienstroer Band

  • 2017 - Publication of the 16th edition of MODERN Drumming 1

  • 2011 - pronounced teaching, work for sticks, organization of the international jazz workshop "Summer Jazz Hilden 2011", late night band jazz festival "Leverkusen Jazztage 2011", jury "Drummer Of Tomorrow 2011"

  • 2010 - Publication of the 13th edition of MODERN Drumming 1; pronounced teaching activity, work for STICKS; Organization of the international jazz workshop Summer Jazz Hilden 2010 in cooperation with Axel Fischbacher and the city marketing of the city of Hilden

  • 2009 - Publication of the 12th edition of MODERN Drumming 1 including a free 30-page e-book DRUM ESSENTIALS, preparation of my own project with bassist Achim Rzychon, distinctive teaching activity, a lot of work for STICKS and SCHOOLJAM, Roland V-Drums Endorser, Finale Endorser , Jury Drummer Of Tomorrow 2009 and V-Drum Contest 2009

  • 2008 - distinctive teaching work, management team of the Music & Art School Velbert, new STICKS series -jam play alongs online-, -CD / DVD of the month- as well as the workshop series -Drum Essential-

  • 2007 - Concerts 3 [three], Blue Note Session with u.a. Axel Fischbacher (git), Martin Ernst (Hammond, RTL Allstars), workshop author for SCHOOLJAM, music making & lift style (Musik Media Verlag Köln: keyboards, guitar + bass, sticks, etc.),

  • 2006 - Publication of the 10th edition of MODERN DRUMMING 1 with a new layout, production Musical Non (n) sens Schauspielhaus Krefeld / Mönchengladbach, jazz festival La Baule (France) with the Bela Primo Band, jazz festival Ingolstadt Late Night Band with u.a. Lawrence Sieberth - piano (USA), Quamon Fowler - saxophone (USA), Roland Guerin - bass (USA), Bill Solley - guitar (USA), Torsten de Winkel - guitar (D), Charly Böck - percussion (D)

  • 2005 - Production Musical Non (n) sens Schauspielhaus Krefeld / Mönchengladbach, i.a. Concert with 3 [three], the Indigo String Quartet and Jens Thomas (p)

  • 2004 - Publication of the textbook MODERN DRUMMING BASICS, concerts with 3 [three] u.a. Leverkusen Jazz Days, Ingolstadt Jazz Festival, Die Blechtrommel (G. Grass), Production Musical Non (n) sens Schauspielhaus Krefeld / Mönchengladbach, Ingolstadt Jazz Festival Late Night Band with u.a. Torsten de Winkel, Joo Kraus, Larry Siebert, Arnd Geise

  • 2003 - CD / 3 Karaguna released, concerts with 3 [three]

  • 2002 - Work with 3 [three], publication textbook MODERN DRUMMING GROOVES, endorser for ANATOLIAN cymbals

  • 1996 - 2003 - projects etc. with Axel Fischbacher, Jan Kazda, Achim Rzychon, Senora, Decebal Badilla, Diethard Stein Band, Martin Gjakanovski, 3 [three]

  • 1998 - 2001 - 1st chairman of the Leverkusen Jazz Festival

  • 1996 - 2001 - Member of the board of the Leverkusen Jazz Festival

  • since 1993 - publication of the MODERN DRUMMING drum textbooks in five volumes so far, now the standard textbook in the German-speaking European area with over 150,000 copies sold

  • since 1988- Lecturer for drums at the music and art school in the city of Velbert

  • since 1987 - editor and workshop author for the drum magazine STICKS (Musik Media Verlag Köln: keyboards, guitar + bass, sticks, etc.)

  • since 1983 - endorser for SONOR drums

  • 1985 - 1998 - Development and management of the MODERN DRUM STUDIO, at that time one of the largest drum schools in Europe, abroadUSA, Canada, South Africa, Bahrain, etc.

  • 1982 - 2001 - Work with: Heino, Deborah Sasson, Paul Kuhn Big Band, Günter Noris Big Band, Roberto Blanco, Frank Kirchner (H. Grönemeyer), Markus Wienstroer, Thomas Novak, Bela Primo Band (including Frank Sinatra, Al Jarreau ), Flavius ​​Theodonis Band (including Jennifer Rush, Jonny Loggin, Gloria Gayner, etc.), Tom Mega, Michael Settler (Saga), Richard Bona, Larry Coryell, Eddy Teger, Jean Orleans, Wolfgang Sauer, Decebal Badilla, Kazda, Sweet Charles Sherrell (James Brown, Maceo Parker), Dave King, Anna Mbwale etc ...

  • 1987 - 1989 - Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf, Wuppertal: Dreigroschenoper, cabaret, entertainer etc.

  • 1982 - 1986 - Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Rock: u.a. Poverty event, Christoph Spendel, Axel Fischbacher, Senora, Stu Goldberg (Mahavishnu Orchestra), Das Pferd

  • 1984 - Completion of classical music college studies at the MH Cologne, Institut Wuppertal with the examination of the "artistic maturity examination"