Modern Drumming 1

MODERN DRUMMING 1 is aimed at beginners up to advanced drummers, summarizes the most important features of modern drum playing and offers the learning of all relevant musical styles. A lot of emphasis is placed on promoting creativity and developing one's own style.

MODERN DRUMMING 1 conveys all standard rhythms found in modern music in all musical styles: Rock - Pop - Hard Rock - Heavy Metal - Jazz - Latin - Fusion - R + B - Funk - Hip Hop - Jungle - House - Drum'n ' Bass - be applied. There is also a chapter with many fill-ins and licks, playing with the double bass drum is dealt with as extensively as all important rudiments. The book is structured in such a way that you don't have to struggle with “dry” exercises, but rather play rhythms and fill-ins very quickly on the drum set. A number of drum solos and the play along songs recorded by a live band enable what has been learned to be put directly into practice: music is made right away - just like in a band.

ISBN 3-928825-24-0

Modern Drumming 1


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