Modern Drumming 2

MODERN DRUMMING 2 contains the most important concepts for modern drum playing and is aimed at advanced drummers. A lot of emphasis is placed on promoting creativity and developing one's own style.

MODERN DRUMMING 2 teaches today's important techniques for drum set playing: groove concepts, linear drumming, odd times, coordination, big band phrasing, interpretation of reading exercises as grooves and fills, practical use of rudiments, permutation, stickings, Latin patterns, metric modulation , Groupings etc.

Licks, grooves and ideas from all musical styles: Rock - Pop - Hard Rock - Heavy Metal - Jazz - Latin - Fusion - R / B - Funk - Hip Hop show versatile rhythmic and stylistic practical examples.

With 8 play along songs recorded by a live band on the exercise CD included with the book.

ISBN 3-928825-45-3

Modern Drumming 2


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