Modern Drumming 3

MODERN DRUMMING 3 Specials: Transcriptions for drums are a useful addition to the textbooks MODERN DRUMMING 1, MODERN DRUMMING GROOVES - Groove Tools and MODERN DRUMMING 2. Working with these transcriptions enables you to develop your own creativity and musicality and to develop your own playing style other concepts and ideas.

MODERN DRUMMING 3 brings transcriptions of various excellent drummers who have inspired and influenced many drummers with their way of playing. The selected grooves or fills show the patterns characteristic of the respective drummer.

You can learn a lot when working with transcriptions. Listening to records and then writing them down is also very effective. You get suggestions on how rhythms and fills are used and interpreted in certain musical contexts. This trains your own musical feeling and trains your hearing. Working with transcriptions increases the understanding of the building blocks of the grooves and fills, the influence of the dynamics when playing and why you play with certain hand movements, etc.: the basic concepts become clear.

Modern Drumming 3


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