Modern Drumming Basics

MODERN DRUMMING BASICS is part of the overall teaching concept MODERN DRUMMING, it serves as a pre-course for the volume MODERN DRUMMING 1 and is therefore primarily aimed at absolute beginners from the age of 8, with a drum teacher from the age of 6. It is also suitable for drummers of all ages who want to get started without the help of a teacher. No previous knowledge is required, the aim is to make your entry into the fascinating world of drums as easy as possible.

You can go through Modern Drumming Basics Lesson for Lesson, Step by Step. Due to the precise and detailed practice tips - like in class with a teacher - this book is suitable for self-study as well as working material in music lessons. Practice is absolutely in the foreground, you learn the necessary theory according to the motto: Learning by Doing.

In addition to important playing techniques for the drum set, you deal with many basic rhythms and fill-ins that form the basis for all modern musical styles: rock, pop, hard rock, heavy metal, jazz, latin, fusion, rhythm & blues, jungle, funk , House, Hip Hop, Drums'n 'Bass.

Many exercises are recorded on the CD enclosed with this book, so that you can understand them while listening. In addition, there are five play along songs of different styles recorded by a live band on the CD, with the help of which you can practically apply the learned grooves and fills with a band and immediately make real music.

So that you are also up to date with your equipment, you will find many tips and explanations on questions about drums in the information section of this book: from buying the drums, setting up the set, tuning, sound and proper practice to a small lexicon with different ones Technical terms.

The focus is on practice. This creates an important prerequisite for successful and effective learning: your fun with music and your motivation. In addition, this book should help you to develop your own style from the beginning and to promote your musical creativity.

ISBN 3-89775-057-0

Modern Drumming Basics


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