Modern Drumming Grooves

MODERN DRUMMING GROOVES - Groove Tools deals extensively with playing drum rhythms and developing your own groove ideas by understanding and implementing the concepts behind the rhythms. If you understand the concepts, i.e. know the building blocks from which rhythms are composed, you are able to create grooves for yourself, pick up ideas and suggestions from others more quickly, vary them and adapt them to your own requirements in practical tape work.

The aim is to convey to you the various modern groove concepts that are used in all modern musical styles: Rock-Pop-Hard Rock-Heavy Metal-Jazz-Latin-Fusion-R / B-Jungle-Funk-Hip Hop -House drums and bass. It is about the further development of the game technique with regard to independence, coordination, dynamism, speed as well as the promotion of your own creativity and independent style. Optimal musical expression on the drums should be achieved.

In addition to the concepts shown, MODERN DRUMMING GROOVES includes a large number of noted grooves from a wide variety of musical styles.

With 12 play along basic tracks recorded by a live band in various tempos and musical styles. The learned can be trained musically directly.

Styles: Rock, Shuffle, Halftime-Shuffle, Funk, Soul, Hip Hopp 1, Hip Hopp 2, Mozambique, Samba, Mambo, Afro-Cuban 6/8, Songo.

ISBN 3-928825-24-0

Modern Drumming Grooves


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